Saltwater Scrapbook Math!


Here's the math for the full piece of my newest release, Saltwater Scrapbook. 

This is a two part collaborative pattern with The Blue Flower, so you'll need both Part 1 and Part 2.  The full model is a three by three grid with one stitch in between the blocks.  Each block is 61 x 61 stitches, so the entire stitch count will be 185 by 185 stitches.

The called-for fabric is 32 count Vintage Blue Whisper linen, stitching over two linen threads with two strands of floss.  This would make the entire piece 11 5/8 inches square.  

Using the same math, if you'd rather stitch on a different fabric, here's how it compares:

28 count linen or evenweave / 14 count aida:  13 1/4 inches square

32 count linen or evenweave / 16 count aida:  11 5/8 inches square

36 count linen or evenweave / 18 count aida:  10 1/4 inches square

40 count linen or evenweave / 20 count aida:  9 1/4 inches square



  • Loved the chart with all the different sharks. My 2nd grandson’s bathroom is decorated with “sea-themed” projects.

    senior in Portland
  • I am so excited to start stitching! Thank you for taking such good care of me with the floss kit and the record fast delivery schedule. I had planned to wait to have the candy when I started stitching, but I couldn’t wait! Thanks!

    Lynda Galvin
  • Promptly received the kit which was beautifully packaged with a drawing on a card and candy. Thanks for collaborating together and sharing your talents with us! Can’t wait to stitch!

  • Thank you for designing this, I look forward to stitching it!
    Have a great day😎♥️😼

    Rhonda Polk

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