Chart Corrections

Every now and then a mistake gets through in my publishing.  As soon as I'm made aware of the error, I fix it for the next print run and in the PDF.  If you find your chart has an error in it, I will be more than happy to send you an updated PDF with the error corrected.  Thank you for your understanding.  :)

Here is a list of errors that were found in my past charts.  

Air Mail November Ocellated turkey:  The DMC equivalent for Weeks Chrysanthemum should be 720.

Peppermint Candy:  The model uses Seraphim Fabrics linen in Caramel (not Chai).

Stretching in the Daisies:  The DMC equivalent for Weeks Emerald #2171 is DMC 320.

Emily's House, first printing:  The circle symbol marked as 924 is for Brethren Blue.

Mary Mary Needleworker, first printing:  The DMC equivalent for Weeks Dye Works Ivy is 320.

The Peacock Keeper, first printing only:  The stitch count on the information sheet is incorrect and should read 145 x 195.  There is also an error in the very center of the bottom border.  Please contact me for an updated chart.

A Stitch for Sweet Freedom:  There is an error in the color key.  The plus symbol is supposed to be the Cherry Cobbler and the hashtag, 815. They are swapped on the key.