Chart Corrections

Every now and then a mistake gets through in my publishing.  As soon as I'm made aware of the error, I fix it for the next print run and in the PDF.  If you find your chart has an error in it, I will be more than happy to send you an updated PDF with the error corrected.  Thank you for your understanding.  :)

Here is a list of errors that were found in my past charts.  

Emily's House, first printing:  The circle symbol marked as 924 is for Brethren Blue.

Mary Mary Needleworker, first printing:  The DMC equivalent for Weeks Dye Works Ivy is 320.

The Peacock Keeper, first printing only:  The stitch count on the information sheet is incorrect and should read 145 x 195.  There is also an error in the very center of the bottom border.  Please contact me for an updated chart.

A Stitch for Sweet Freedom:  There is an error in the color key.  The plus symbol is supposed to be the Cherry Cobbler and the hashtag, 815. They are swapped on the key.

Stretching in the Daisies:  The DMC equivalent for Weeks Emerald #2171 is DMC 320.