Lindy Stitches is an active part of the online stitching community across many platforms.  I also visit local needlework shops for teaching and travel for events.  

My next physical event will be .... well, let's deal with COVID first.

Online, you can find me many places:

The Lindy Stitchers' Facebook Group is where you can find other stitchers working on the same project you are.  There you can also find all my free needlework charts.  It's a friendly group that likes to laugh.  Check it out here.

Instagram:  I am most active on a daily basis on Instagram.  I love to give sneak peeks, coupon codes, and behind the scenes stories.  Here I am on Instagram.

Youtube: Did you know there's a whole segment of stitchers recording needlework videos under the name 'Flosstube'?  If not, you're in for a real treat!  Check out my needlework tutorials and chats on my channel here.


 Me and a horde of lovely people at Stitch Con, hosted by Keepsakes of Cincinnati, Ohio.