AIR MAIL!  Launching a new series!

AIR MAIL! Launching a new series!

AIR MAIL will be a series of BIRD STAMP patterns that will eventually cover all twelve months of the year.  Here are some of my FAQ's about this series:

1.  Will they all be on the same fabric?  

YES!  I am charting all the Air Mail birds on 32 count Silver Moon linen by Zweigart.  This shade also comes in 36 count linen and 32 count  lugana.  For aida lovers, I recommend 14 count Graceful Gray or 16 count Graceful Gray.  But don't let my choices rule the day!  These patterns will look great on any neutral or gray.  I'd love to see someone stitch them on a color that looks like my craft paper album featured in the photo shoots!  

2.  Will they all be the same size?

YES!  They will all be 73 wide x 85 tall.

3.  How big will the final piece be if I stitch them all together?

If you line them up in three rows of four stamps with three stitches in between each stamp, the final piece would be 301 stitches wide by 261 stitches tall.  If you want four rows of three stamps with three stitches in between each stamp, the final piece would be 225 stitches wide by 349.  

4.  What will the schedule of the releases be?  

This is subject to change, but in 2023 I am planning on releasing March, May, July, September, and November stamps.  In 2024 I'll be releasing January, February, April, June, August, October, and December.

5.  Will you be finishing them the same way? Will I be able to get Lady Dot Creates finishing packs for each one?

Yes, they'll all be finished using rick rack, pom pom trim, and velveteen.  Lady Dot has such a wonderful range of colors, so we're really going to have fun!  I hope to have finishing packs for each stamp :).

6.  Will they only be US birds?

No way!  We started off with the Oriental Turtle Dove, which rarely hits the United States.  For this series I am focusing on COLOR COLOR COLOR!  Only the brightest and flashiest birds with great fashion sense!  If you'd like some sneak peeks on which bird I'm working on next, join my Facebook group here.  

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