Finishing in a Signed & Numbered Frame

I'm seeing lovely Bird Crush Club Steller's Jay finishes already! If you're finishing in a Signed & Numbered frame, I have some specific tips! I hope to do a quick tutorial to show how easy it is to lace your needlework into these frames, but until then here's some written tips.
  1. Don't cut your fabric down until you really see how much you need for lacing. If you take your Signed & Numbered frame apart, you'll see that the actual place where you can mount your piece is a square the same size as the frame. So you'll need more fabric than the 6 x 6 circle..
  2. Iron your stitching until no wrinkles show. Iron it with your stitching face down on a towel on top of your ironing board. You can use a little steam.
  3. Here is my "tutorial" for lacing. You can actually lace it right onto the piece of foam core that came with your Signed & Numbered frame --super easy! (Just make sure their stamped logo isn't the side you lace your stitching on, lol.) Take your time and keep popping your piece in and out of the frame until it's in the right spot inside the circle. It's not too hard! Actually the round shape is easier to fudge than a square because it's not exact. 
I hope to update this lacing tutorial soon too, but it'll do for now. 😉

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