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My Elizabeth Eyles Conversion!

My Elizabeth Eyles Conversion!

Lindy Stitches Elizabeth Eyles conversion

Here's my conversion for Elizabeth Eyles by The Scarlet Letter.  I am NOT DONE with the sampler yet, but here is what I have pulled.  You can see this in person in my latest Flosstube video.  

FABRIC:  I'm using 32 ct. Vintage Country Mocha linen.  Very lovely to stitch on.  I love this fabric.  This makes the sampler 14 inches wide by 16 7/8 inches tall, and it will fit on a fat quarter.

Here are the threads I am using in parenthesis compared to the DMC in the same order called for in the chart.  The colors I pulled pretty much match the DMC called for in many cases.  I just chose to use the brighter colors for the clothes and added a few for variety.

CALLED FOR (What I'm Using)

890 (I'm using Gentle Art Pine.  You'll need a few skeins as this is used more than any other color.  I'm estimating three?)

223 (Gentle Art Holly Berry.  Gentle Art Raspberry Parfait would also look great; they are very similar shades, practically the same.)

610 (Using!  This is most of the white angels' hair)

780 (Gentle Art Nutmeg)

310 (yep)

832 (Gentle Art Grecian Gold)

738 (Haven't used.  Pasty angel skin.  see notes below)

746 (Haven't used.  Pasty angel skin.  see notes below)

518 (Eeek!  I'm using a Colour and Cotton floss you can no longer get.  If you want to use an overdyed cotton, I think Weeks Dye Works Blue Topaz would look very nice)

612 (Using)

224 (Gentle Art Highland Heather)

869 (Gentle Art Old Hickory)

502 (Gentle Art Green Pasture)

436 (Using)

414 (Using an unknown Silk and Colors scrap that matches 414)

3052 (Gentle Art Shutter Green.  For the border leaves I used Carol Waterlilies 066)

Colors I've added:  Colour and Cotton Mahogany, used in the top border angel pants (a purply brown similar to DMC 779), Cosmo 653, used in a couple angel outfits (a medium pink).

Diversify Your Angels:  I used DMC 3863 as the skin tone for every other angel, with DMC 838 or 3371 for hair.  I used DMC 948 for the skin of most of the white angels, as I did not really like the skin tone charted on my fabric, nor did I want them to have stark white faces.

More About Angels:  Unlike the chart, I dressed my angels however I wanted using the colors above.  I kept all the wing colors the same, though.

Upcoming Plans:  I think in the bird I am going to use Silk and Colors Forest of Greens in place of the 890 (or GA Pine as I substituted).  It is a really cool green that in places matches the GA Pine, but also has some duller green and peacock blue in it.  You can see it in the center of these flosses in the picture, between the blue and the green.  I think it will look really cool.

Verse: Every time I work on this piece I change my mind.  ha ha.

 Lindy Stitches Elizabeth Eyles conversion



Thank you for sharing your conversions! I love the way your looks. I would not have considered stitching this if I had not seem your stitching! It is so pretty! I really love how you changed the angels!


Thanks so much, your the best….

Sharon Long

Hi Stephanie!

I just wanted to thank you so much for sharing your conversion with us! It’s brilliant and I can’t wait to get my supplies together and start this project!


Thank you for the conversion! Yours look fabulous 🎉🎉

Mama YoYoYoder

Thank you, thank you Stephanie for sharing your conversion!! You have made the angels POP, and the ranges in skin tone are fabulous!!!

Deb Schneeberger

I have the chart ready for Laura’s January 1st birthday start but haven’t decided on fabric or floss yet. I loooooove your choices! I’m definitely diversifying my angels skin tones. I love your progress! This is going to be so much fun!

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