My Huckleberry Farm Conversion

My Huckleberry Farm Conversion

Every time I show my conversion of Huckleberry Farm by The Blue Flower, I get emails asking for my conversion, so here it is!  I recently showed my progress in my latest Flosstube video if you'd like to see it in person.

The fabric I am using is 36 count Haunted linen by Picture This Plus.

Here are the called for threads and what I decided to use instead in the parenthesis.  Most of my colors are just overdyed cottons that matched the DMC.  I wanted to use overdyed cottons just for more fun.

DMC 8 (I am using Colour and Cotton Dried Sage)

DMC 169 (Classic Colorworks Dublin)

DMC 469 (Gentle Art Sampler Threads Green with Envy and Classic Colorworks Pea Pod)

DMC 535 (Gentle Art Sampler Threads Tin Bucket)

DMC 3046 (Gentle Art Sampler Threads Flax)

DMC 3740 (Gentle Art Sampler Threads Loganberry)

DMC 3823 (Gentle Art Sampler Threads Pineapple Sherbet)

Weeks Skinny Dip (DMC 3774)

Weeks Broom Tree (DMC 3013)

Weeks Bright Leaf (used)

Weeks Chestnut (used)

Weeks Rum Raisin (used)

Weeks Twilight (This matches my fabric so I'm using DMC 3750)

Weeks Taffeta (used)

Weeks Williamsburg (Gentle Art Sampler Threads Weathered Barn)

Weeks Lichen (used)

Weeks Teal Frost (This matches my fabric so I'm using DMC 3750)

Weeks Bee's Knees (Gentle Art Sampler Threads Brandy)

Gentle Art Sampler Threads Country Redwood (used)

CC Black Coffee (DMC 310)


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