BIRD CRUSH CLUB: About Chris & Steph

The Bird Crush Club is a collaboration between Chris Gilbert and Stephanie Webb to celebrate birds and cross stitch!

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I love hiking, birding, woodworking, reading and of course my wife Sherry, who from what I can tell is a fantastic cross-stitcher! I am passionate and persistent in my hobbies; I certainly am not the best at any of them, but I keep at them and maybe one day I might be pretty darn good in at least one of them. I have recently started making my pictures available though Redbubble, which has quite an assortment of products.

You can also check out my Flickr photostream here:

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Hi, I'm Steph, and I like to cross stitch birds.  I've been designing cross stitch patterns featuring birds since 2018.  I enjoy observing birds in real life and am distracted by them frequently, but feel like I know hardly anything about them!  Which is why I'm super glad to team up with Chris!  My favorite bird is a toss-up between a raven, the sadly extinct dodo, and the mourning doves that visit my feeders.  I really like turkeys and turkey vultures too!  I'm super excited to be sending out birds to crafty people each month.