About the Bird Crush Club

The Bird Crush Club is for stitchers who adore birds!  12 patterns each celebrating a different species are coming throughout 2023.


Each bird in the series is the same size, able to fit into a 6 inch circle.  The patterns are charted in all DMC with one overdyed cotton floss.

I created this series with the help of bird photographer extraordinaire, Chris Gilbert.  Each pattern has his gorgeous photo of the bird on one side, with the cross stitch model on the other.  

Order from Lindy Stitches and you'll probably receive a few goodies thrown in --- a postcard from Chris or some stickers of the species!  I'll be doing this while supplies last :).


1.  How complicated are the patterns?  Are they beginner-friendly?

The complication of each pattern will vary.  My main goal is to faithfully represent each bird, while at the same time making a pattern that doesn't give you a headache!  January's bird includes some backstitch and one blended thread.  February's bird is less complicated, using only full crosses, no backstitch or blends.    

2.  I only stitch on aida.  Will the patterns work for me?

Yes.  It may be a little tricky for those birds that contain backstitch, but if you're willing, you'll be able.

3.  What about fabric count?

ALL the patterns will be charted on 32 count linen and fit in a 6 inch circle.  You can use 32 count lugana or evenweave or 16 count aida and get the same size finish.  I'm going to be finishing in different colors of this frame from Signed and Numbered on Etsy.  But you can stitch these on whatever count of fabric is your favorite.  I will be listing each month's designated fabric in whatever types I can get my hands on on the Bird Crush Club page if you would like to follow the patterns exactly.

4.  What floss are you going to chart in?  Will I need to special order a bunch of overdyes or something?

I am using ALL DMC with ONE overdyed cotton --- the same floss you'll get in your package!  So all you'll need to do is collect the DMC and get stitching!


Waiting for a specific bird?  Here's the schedule of when they'll be ready for adoption:

March:  Steller's Jay

April:  Black-Bellied Whistling Duck, Broad-Billed Hummingbird

May:  Gray-Throated Warbler, Lazuli Bunting

June:  Western Meadowlark, American Avocet

July:  Lewis's Woodpecker, American Goldfinch

August:  Long-Eared Owl

September:  Violet-Green Swallow, Red-Faced Warbler