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Black Cat Season Handmade Wooden Bell Pull Banner Hanger

Black Cat Season Handmade Wooden Bell Pull Banner Hanger

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You can use this beautiful handmade wooden bell pull hanger to hang your Black Cat Season banner!  The hanger measures 4 inches tall by 5 inches wide and contains a small brass bar which is inserted into your stitched piece.  The width of the hanger on the bottom is 4.5 inches, which means you can stitch your Black Cat Season on 28 -40 count linen (14 - 20 count aida) and it will accommodate your finished stitching.  

Since these hangers are hand made out of wood, your hanger's wood colors may vary, as well as a bit of the paint.

These gorgeous hangers were made by Matt Twist of The Board Room, and I asked him to describe his process.  

"The wood is Western Red Alder and was salvaged from storm damaged trees on our very own Hillside Farm.  For some it is important to know that there is zero waste from our tree processing. All branches are chipped for use on our garden, fruit and berries. The sawdust is used on strawberries and blueberries and the scrap wood makes amazing kindling and firewood to keep us warm.

I milled the trees into lumber and air dried it over a years time to get it ready for the wood shop where we laser engraved our beloved cats and cut moons, stars and edges. Each piece was finished with a clear matte finish to seal and protect it. Each piece was hand painted, sanded and assembled by a cross-stitchers husband." 

The Black Cat Season series has six parts in total.  Stitch them individually as adorable ornaments or patches for Halloween project bags.  Or stitch them all together in a banner or sampler style!  Find some free borders you can use between parts as well as the entire series information & math by clicking here:  FREE BORDERS & SERIES INFORMATION.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Kathy Ault
Perfect Finish

This wooden bell pull hanger is the ultimate perfect finishing piece for the Black Cat Season cross stitch pattern set. I can't wait to start it it as I'm going to use a similar purple fabric from my stash. It will look perfectly hanging among some of my other Halloween decorations. Thank you again!

Sandra Fortenberry
Black Cat Wooden Hanger

Kool looking hanger. Can’t wait to complete the cat stitches and have it hanging in my house.

Marla A
Beautifully made bell pull hanger

The bell pull hanger was even more impressive than I expected. The painted cats are just adorable and the star and moon cut out areas are special details that add to the sweetness of the hanger.

Susan Walbert

Love this Halloween Hanger. It's calling out to me to hurry up and stitch something to hang on it!

Christine S.

The Bell Pull is beautiful!