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K is for Kidney Stone by Heartstring Samplery PDF Cross Stitch Chart 100% CHARITY

K is for Kidney Stone by Heartstring Samplery PDF Cross Stitch Chart 100% CHARITY

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 K is for Kidney Stone!  I'm so proud to host the letter K of Heartstring Samplery's Anatomy Alphabet series!  These are little body parts for charity created by Beth Twist and hosted around the internet for good causes.  I'm also the hostess of N is for Nerve!

K is for Kidney Stone's profits will be 100% donated to WillowBridge, a transitional home for teens who have aged out of the foster system and are in need of a home and life support.  1 in 5 foster youth will become instantly homeless at age 18.  Willow Bridge stands in the gap for unsupported youth by providing free housing and life support, seeking to help them on to healthy independence.  Read more about this awesome organization below.

This pattern was "inspired by those tiny crystals that cause life-altering discomfort, pain, and trauma to more than half a million people each year.  Giving tribute feels a bit like making fun of this tiny object that a rather large problem for those afflicted."


FLOSS: Weeks Dye Works Banana Pudding, Dirt Road, Grits, Havana, Pink Sand, Whiskey, Williamsburg Red
STITCHES USED:  Full cross, back stitch

▶WHAT YOU'LL RECEIVE: This pattern is a digital copy that will available to download immediately after you check out.  You'll also be emailed a link to download the chart.  Your pattern will include a cover sheet, stitching notes, and a black and white chart that's easy to see.  

▶MORE ABOUT WILLOW BRIDGE:  50% of youth in foster care will be unemployed at the age of 24. Less than 3% of foster youth graduate from a 4 year college. A female foster youth is more likely to be sexually assaulted than to enroll in college.  With these alarming realities in mind, Willow Bridge was founded to help those aging out of the foster system.  Eligible youth are given free housing and life to life support from the house parents and community to help transition them to full independence.  My favorite part of this ministry is that they have a Mommy and baby suite (which is currently occupied.)

▶GETTING STARTED All you'll need to get started are these easy-to-find supplies.

>An embroidery hoop or frame
>A needle
>Your chosen fabric

Questions? Feel free to email me at steph(at)lindystitches(dot)com. 

© 2020 Heartstring Samplery

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Customer Reviews

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Sharon Braxton
K is for Kidney Stone

Love this pattern. I haven't completed it yet but look forward to making it.

Kim Paventy

I have been working on this for about 2 weeks, I started it when my husband was getting a kidney stone removed. The OR staff cracked up when I told them what I was making. The surgey didn't go very well and we are still trying to get him fixed up. I showed DR the finished stitched this morning and he wants it once I get it completly finished for his office!!!

K is for Kidney Stone

Great pattern! I am stitching it for a relative, funny memento, Waiting for the heart and brain too!

Carol VanWart
Kidney stone

I have had kidney stones and when I saw this design I just had to have it. Thank you for donating to those who need it most.

Made me laugh

I was just diagnosed with kidney stones. Ouch!!! This piece is making me smile as I stitch it.