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Lowery Care Kit for Workstands : Brush, Wax & Instructions SGSS20

Lowery Care Kit for Workstands : Brush, Wax & Instructions SGSS20

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The Lowery Workstand Care Kit keeps your screws in good working order. This lovely little cotton drawstring bag comes with a small brush, a 15ml pot of wax polish and instructions to help keep the threads of your screws lubricated.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

What awesome service!!! Definitely a go to shop!!
Thank you!!!

Sandra C Fredricks
Should have bought it long ago

No more squeaks! Should have bought this kit a long time ago!

Patience Price Price
Life saver

I'm so glad I bought the wax kit just wish I would have done it sooner , it would have saved me some money a year ago when my first clamps screw broke due to poor maintenance on my part ... so my crafty friends if you own a Lowery stand I HIGHLY suggest you buy the wax kit as well now so you don't end up wasting your money in the long run . An Stephanie's shop is the best place to do that.. happy stitching

Terri Lynn
Perfect little kit.

I needed this so long ago. Handy kit, got rid of all those annoying squeaks. Don't hesitate to buy this. I tried otheer lubricants and they just made a mess. This wax stays where you put it.

Melissa Taphorn
Care kit

So glad I also ordered the care kit! So easy to use and stops any and all squeaks! Such a lovely business to deal with on orders!!