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Lowery Corner Clamp Head Silver Grey for Q-SNAPS SG4 FREE SHIPPING

Lowery Corner Clamp Head Silver Grey for Q-SNAPS SG4 FREE SHIPPING

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The corner clamp head is top choice for tubular frames like a Q-SNAP.  It can do all the things a side clamp can but it's more expensive to make, which is why the stand comes with a side clamp.  However for the serious Q-SNAP user, this corner clamp will make your stitching process much smoother!  Simply replace your side clamp with the corner clamp and you're good to go!

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FYI: Lowery Accessories are not compatible with Stainless Steel Stands unless indicated. Stainless Steel Accessories are marked as such. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Claire Thielen
Quick, Easy, and Just Plain Nice!

I am so glad Stephanie's website has the option to let you know when an item is back in stock. I had a hard time finding this clamp in the USA so when I got the notification I bought immediately and RECEIVED IT IN 2 DAYS!! Now on to stitching. ( and thanks for the candy and the free chart 🙂)

Wanda Wiggins

Great transaction!

Judy Rudkin
Great for Qsnaps

Qsnaps are much more stable on corner clamp. Just FYI: I put a piece of felt and non slip shelf liner between the metal clamp & Qsnap, helps cushion frame.

Carol Turner
Q snap a must

When you purchase the Lowery stand you just NEED all the little goodies that make your stitching life so much more enjoyable. The Q-Snap holder does not disappoint. Shipping is supper fast and FREE