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Lowery OLIVE Workstand with Side Clamp with Free UPS Shipping (US Only) SG1COL

Lowery OLIVE Workstand with Side Clamp with Free UPS Shipping (US Only) SG1COL

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For the serious stitcher looking to add comfort AND A BIT OF PIZAZZ to their daily stitching routine.  I use my Lowery workstand every day, and it makes my stitching easy and comfortable.  I love that it also has a low profile so that no matter what your decor, it doesn't make a clashing statement.  Just swing your workstand back and forth and keep your stitching area uncluttered and easy to access.  Best of all, it's stainless steel, so it should last as long as you!

The complete Lowery Workstand powder coated this absolutely stunning olive shade!  It's like that car you always wanted but never got!  Delivered to you in a manageable box, ready for simple, home assembly.  

Approximate adjustments:

Horizontal: 6 ½" - 9 ½" (160mm-245mm)

Vertical:  20"-34 ½"  (500mm-885mm)

Approximate weight = 6½lbs (3.0Kg)

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We are quick to ship our Lowery stands with free USPS Priority shipping.  Unfortunately we are not shipping the stands outside of the United States at this time.

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Customer Reviews

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Love it. Love this store.


I NEED a stand when I cross-stitch...I have joint issues and holding a hoop hurts after s while. This also helps me keep the cloth tension I like on my projects as well as cuts down on the potential dirt and grime that can collect on the edges. Mashed cleaning the finished pieces even easier! This is worth the investment!